Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Take Your Car To Work

I'm sitting here thinking about my brother. Not the one I wrestle with, the silver tongued devil. He isn't evil, but that's how the moniker goes and who am I to mess with tradition? He is the funniest guy I know. Growing up, we had a normal sibling rivalry going and not much of a friendship. There was a time, just out of high school, when we were always together. We had a mutual friend that passed away and though unspoken, we found a lot of comfort in each others company. At least that is what I got out of it. You'd have to ask him for his side of the story. Whatever individual reasons we had doesn't really matter. The point is that we bonded. He started hanging out more with my crew which consisted of semi-conservative, young adults from church. Their religion wouldn't really be important except we spent a lot of time shocking them with our inappropriateness.

In addition to the cussing and the sarcastic, stinging wit, there were a lot of incest jokes. It didn't bother us of course. But, to watch the rest of them squirm could make me giggle for hours. It was like they were a little worried. They would laugh, but it was that nervous sort of titter that only the Christians have. At one point a line was crossed. I don't really remember what was said or who said it. I do remember crickets chirping and all of a sudden becoming very uncomfortable. I believe he declared that horse dead while I put the clubs away. So, we found another way to entertain. Again, we mostly entertained ourselves and made others a little uncomfortable because they didn't know how to respond.

We would randomly burst into a duet of
a silly little bridge in Surf Wax America by Weezer while in the company of large groups of people. We don't like the same kind of music, so I imagine it evolved from the fact that this was the only tape *cough* I mean cd we could play when we were in the car together. I can only assume these as facts because I remember him teaching me the lines and rehearsing together but not where the idea came from. I doubt it was initially meant to be sung in front of anyone else. But eventually we must have because it became a thing for one of us to start singing and the other to join in if they were within earshot. It was like a little, two person choir. Until I looked up the song just now, I thought that the bridge was repeated multiple times. Turns out Weezer sings it once. It was us who would sing it ten times.

First part:
You take your car to work, I'll take my board
And when you're out of fuel, I'm still afloat.

Second part:
All along the undertow, strengthening my torque
I'd never thought it'd come to this, now I can never go home.

Ahhh, the good times.


  1. That is too funny, I just heard that song the other day and had the same memory. I genuinly just liked hanging out with you back then. I still do, but I am terrible at the long distance relationship thing. Actually I am pretty bad at relationships period. We were a kick ass College and Career commedy duo. I remember that song in church that went "Touch my Eyes Lord" and I always would sing "Touch my thighs Lord". But even better than that was when you were sitting on the other side of the room or wherever and I would always try to make eye contact with you and you always tried to avoid it but never could and then you lower your head in uncontrollable laughter....ahhh good times. You know the wierd thing is I live with this little girl who does all these crazy things and it 100% reminds me of another wierd little girl I grew up with. But she has these moments where I only see my sister and while maybe Erin shakes her head and cant believe these things I can only laugh. Even funnier I was just headed up to bed and saw your facebook and was only going to read it...then only right a sentence or two....OK to watch Dexter...minus the theme gives me the creeps....Ricky PS I cant figure out how to post this

  2. I think you have to log in first with your google account and then you can leave a comment under your name. To this day, I still giggle if I hear that song "Touch My Eyes." I'm not going to lie, that little girl freaks me out sometimes with the things she says and does. It is uncanny the way she even says certain phrases. I'm glad I have a little living legacy. And you aren't bad at relationships. I never question where I stand with you. I have never thought I was losing touch with you. We just have our own lives now and don't get to talk or hang out as much. Mush over.

  3. Funny I never knew about this relationship. I never thought of you and The Silver Tongued Devil as friends. I knew you did some church things, but thought it was mostly quizzing.

  4. I miss some of those days back in C&C. I had a lot of fun with you and Ricky and the relationship you guys had. Kimber and I never thought twice about your sense of humor. Probably because it was so much like our own. Keep writing and I hope you feel 100% soon. - Jon W.