Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Big Sister Lobster-Possum Wrestling Technique Revealed!

Below are the 10 simple steps to keep control of your younger brother when he does eventually grow much bigger than you. I generally use this when he doesn't let me have my way. Sometimes I just do it for fun.

1. Get within hearing distance of mom.

2. Start to pinch your brother.

3. When he grabs your wrists to immobilize you, start yelling, "Ow, my wrists. You're hurting me! Let go of my wrists!"

4. Mother will start yelling from the other room, "Let go of her! You are going to break her arms! You can't grab at her wrists like!" (At this point, you can grin at your brother as long as you continue to cry out.)

5. Continue to try and pinch your brother so that he maintains control of your wrists to defend himself.

6. When mom enters the room stop pinching and collapse to your knees. Writhing in agony is always a plus.

7. Brother will eventually realize what you are doing and only lightly encircle your wrists.

8. This will only make the situation funnier when mom yells at him some more while he tries to show her that he isn't doing anything and you are only making it all up.

9. Brother will leave the room in disgust as it is a no win situation for him.

10. Thank your mom for her help to ensure she reacts appropriately the next time.

Feel free to silently laugh at your brother from a view where he can see you, but mom cannot. I find that hugging her so that I can look over her shoulder is the most effective method.


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  1. Thank you for the great laugh. I am sorry M., but I am a mother and must stick up for the (weakest?) of my children. After all two big strapping sons and one smaller daughter will bring this out. As for you Shakes, you were never the weaker of my children, and I have known that since I watched you chase your brothers through the house. Brains over brawn wins every time!