Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where Am I?

I have very bizarre and vivid dreams. However, if I don't write them down or talk about them right away, I tend to forget them very quickly. I should have done this post earlier, but I am sick and I didn't feel like it. I will eventually feel better, so I am taking advantage of this time to do whatever I want as it hopefully will not last forever. Anyhoo, last night I dreamed about a new job. I have dreamed about at least five of my previous jobs before I actually had them.

Apparently it runs along the maternal line in my family. I know my mom dreamed about us kids before she had us and she did tell my once that Granny, her mother, had prophetic dreams as well. Of course my mom loves the crack sometimes, so it may have been the high talking. I always tell her to put the pipe down when she starts talking crazy but sometimes it takes me a minute to differentiate between family idiosyncrasies and drug abuse. This doesn't mean I get every job that I dream about or that I dream about every job I get. Or even that I have an opinion about ESP or anything like that. In fact, if you were to talk to me about psychic phenomenon, I would conveniently forget this little fact about myself and tell you it is mostly crap and can be explained away, you know spiritually. So, um yeah. (Hmm, out of the crazy pan and into the fanatic fire.)

First off, I found this job in a city that I keep visiting in dream land. I am not sure where this city is and since I have been all over the country I think it is more a combo of a few different places. In my dream it is always my hometown. I apologize for any offense, but even when I am dreaming it freaks me out to think that I am back. But, this place also has elements of Portland, New Orleans French Quarter and some other nameless southern town. If you know where I grew up, I always end up in the industrial area between the city lines.

Anyhoo, I get this job working for a very charismatic sales guy. He is extremely excited about starting this new business. He has dark hair, talks with his hands in a very loud voice and looks like one of the sales guys on an infomercial. I am helping him set up his office as I am his new assistant and he keeps asking for my opinion on things. The funny thing is, I am really annoyed by all his chatter and can't wait for him to get customers so that he isn't constantly interrupting me with questions and asking my opinion. If you know me at all that is very counter-realistic as I LOVE to give my opinion on everything. So the fact that this guy is very interested in my thoughts and wants me to be involved while I just want him to go away is weird.

At one point we have this conversation about music. He asks who my favorite bands are because he wants his office to be different than other offices. When clients come in, he wants them to get a totally different feel. So, we should play unusual music in the lobby. Like his favorite bands are The Avalanches and someone else I can't remember. I am impressed by the fact that he knew who The Avalanches are. At this point, I all of a sudden want to give a good answer, but I can’t think of anything. I frantically search my brain for an artist who has more than one cd in my collection, but all I can think to tell him is Linkin Park. He gets very excited and says that is perfect. Even in my dream, I think that it is not a good idea for prospective clients, but sounds great to me since I will be working as the receptionist also and won’t be forced to listen to crap music while I stare out the window all day.

He moves on to another subject, and more to my style, I interrupt off topic and say Jimmy Eat World. He says alright, but he likes the Linkin Park idea better. This whole time I am unpacking boxes. Then I drive around a bit looking at the city. Then I wake up.

So that is it. Either Billy Mayes has randomly decided to haunt my dreams, or my dream job is to work at a start-up company selling some nameless product or service to the masses. I choose Billy Mayes, because if I ever have to work as a receptionist again, I may do harm to myself or others. And that will totally ruin any chances I have of eventually becoming a doctor. Which I really don’t want either so I guess it doesn’t matter.

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  1. Yes, its true. But I believe that with in all of us is the capability to do this.(crack not withstanding) Our wonderful brains have the capability to discern what is going on more than we are willing to recognize.