Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hmm, OK

I haven't posted in a couple of days and I promised myself I would. It's just been weird. I have screwed up my neck with all my couch time, so I am in a lot of pain. Plus, I went to the doctor and he said I should be ok in a couple of weeks. I was so excited I started cleaning up the house yesterday. Which means that I woke up today exhausted and in lots of pain again. Basically I am a mess right now. Fortunately, I had the weirdest dream two nights ago. And when I woke up I wrote it all down because I wanted to look up things in a dream dictionary to find out what the heck is going on in my head. What follows is what I got up and wrote. I am feeling particularly lazy, so I read through it once to clean it up, but didn't really edit it.

I just dreamed that I was married to Brenden Fraiser and he loved my butt. Most specifically how it was placed on my body. I know because he was on David Letterman and said so. Then the dream shifted. To a wedding reception but it was a video game. I had set the time wrong so it ended at 10:00 am instead of pm and all the guests were still arriving after the game was over, so the wedding couple couldn’t leave. And then I was watching Brenden and I at the reception in real (dream) life, but his ex-fiancĂ©, Jennifer Anisten was there with her new fiancĂ© and it was I was all weirded out and uncomfortable. But our wedding coordinator was even more uncomfortable because Jennifer and Brenden’s last coordinator was there. I looked over and it was Fun Bobby from Friends on a bench in a tux. When you zoomed in he was talking with a horrible fake French accent to a lady. When you zoomed in closer the lady was himself in drag as Fun Bobby sober. All of a sudden it was a sitcom and you could hear the laughing in the background as the girl Fun Bobby said to herself that she had made the right choice to come to this wedding because she was taking him home. Finally a guy worth her time. But, it was all monotone and without smiling. Meanwhile, boy Fun Bobby just prattled away in the background all about how Jennifer and Brenden couldn’t make a decision to save their lives and it was horrible working for them because neither of them had an opinion and it drove him insane and he was so glad not to be working this wedding. I think he was wearing a wig that was a semi-mullet.

Upstairs. I remember the guests climbing stairs and me looking over the banister. Oh, at one point when I played the video game, Brenden was apologizing for embarrassing me on national tv and we were at my childhood home in the playroom in front of the sliding glass doors. (The tv was in front of them.) Then the back wall opened up and that was where the guests from the video game kept arriving to and then the couple (Brenden and I) had to go up stairs and escort them instead of leaving for our honeymoon which was when in turned back into real (dream) life. I remember thinking that he didn’t have to apologize because I had totally screwed up the wedding time on the invitations.


So, that’s what it is like to be in my head at night.

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  1. I love dreams! They can be so helpful at times. Of course, only you can find the help, because it has something to do with your thought process the day before. I am sometimes amazed at the truth I can see from my dreaming in the light of the new day.