Monday, February 15, 2010

The Geekiest Thing I Have Ever Done

I just sorted all of my DC Comics by original publication date. I thought it might be interesting to read them in order and see how they evolve. The funniest part of the whole thing was that since I have mono and ADD, I kept picking up piles and leaving them all over the house. Just when I thought I was finished, I would look up and see another pile somewhere. I don't think I ever realized how many comic books I owned. And these are just the DC comics.

Speaking of geeky. I am going to have to go on record and say that AVP (Alien Vs. Predator) was the biggest geek letdown of my life. That movie was so disappointing that I watched it twice because I didn't remember that I had already seen it. I thought of that today as I was going through all the Batman/Superman Alien/Predator comics. What a crock of crap! I waited for years for that to be produced.

I am prattling because I am tired and a little headachy today. So that is all I have to say. I am going to go check the mail and see if anyone sent me chocolate. That's the nice thing about mono. It doesn't matter if it is a postal holiday if you only check the mail once a week.

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  1. Since I am a huge Alien fan, we should watch that movie together. Uh uh uh! We don't should on people. Maybe we could watch that movie together? I have never seen it.