Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your Princess is in Another Castle

This is the best break up line ever. Except if the person actually understood this line, I would be married to him instead of leaving him. Is that ironic? I can never figure out the exact definition of ironic. My understanding is that ironic is when the literal definition of something is the exact opposite of the what happens. Which would mean that "a free ride, once you've already paid" is ironic. I don't know why that word drives me so nuts. Mostly because by its own definition, I don't believe that it should actually exist. That word should self destruct upon realizing itself.

I am in this weird recovery phase where I sort of feel better so I finally want to do a bunch of stuff, but I still don't have the stamina to do it. Which leaves me feeling impotent and frustrated. I feel like I have so much to get done before I go to work on Monday, but I just can't make myself. Plus, the weather is gorgeous so I want to go enjoy it, but I have no motivation, so I just wander around the house all day. Which is the only thing I really have to be doing. I have to not sit all day long so that I can get used to not being a zombie. Blech. My poor brain is actually spinning because it thinks that it can achieve so much. Meanwhile, my body is vehemently disagreeing, and since my brain controls my mouth, my body's only communication is through my muscles. And let me tell you they are screaming, "No!" Holy Geeze, did I start talking about my aches and pains again. I am going to change my name to Shakes McGranny here pretty soon.

That's it, I am leaving the house tomorrow. I don't care if nothing gets done. I am going to find three dimensional entertainment or perish. Maybe I will stop random people on the street and ask them to tell me jokes. That ought to be entertaining for everyone involved. The local color here is entertaining in and of itself. When my mom visited, she informed me one afternoon after she walked home that she saw a guy peeing in an alley right before she spoke to a nice young man who had problems adjusting his nylons. Now, I don't have a problem with transvestites. I have a crush on Eddie Izzard. Even when he is in drag. Maybe more when he is in drag. It's just that I know my neighborhood, and I can assure you that this guy was not in Eddie's league. Like where I grew up we had a TV who used to run around in a dress with a mop for a wig. He was a nutjob. Not that the mop made him crazy, he was just a crazy in a mop. I'm pretty sure the guy my mom saw was more like mophead than Eddie.

So yeah, if I can just make it out of the house, I am sure something blog worthy will present itself.

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  1. Yes, I find Denver very entertaining now. It was a little strange at first. Going to the big city for us countryfied girls can be a little daunting the first time. Salem thinks it's a big city, but in reality, it is a small town with very big feet..