Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Since I can't get out, my brain has obliged us by giving me another vivid dream.

It starts in a classroom upstairs in a theater type room. You were there, and you were there, and you were there! In other words, I recognized a crapload of people in this dream. My classmates are my high school graduating class, but I can only visualize the ones that were also in my 6th grade class. Everybody looks the same as I last remember seeing them, creating a weird age range. I am an adult. I know because I grabbed my purse to look for my city bus pass when class was over.

Instead of the pass, I discover the bananas I bought this week are spoiled. I am trying to figure out how they have gotten black spots while the stems are still green, when I find the three, old, rotten bananas on the very bottom of my purse. I throw out the old ones and the new bunch of five because they are spoiled. The new bunch of three aren't too bad so I keep them to freeze. In the bottom of my purse all that is left now are random cough drops and loose change covered in rotten banana. My hands are gross and I am not happy.

I get picked up by one of my previous managers. She drives to a souvenir shop in a flea market where all the stalls are mini log houses. It doesn't look like a place that would carry the blouse she is looking for, but she assures me that they have it because she called ahead. She tells us to look around at all the other shops and we will meet up later.

The dream then turned into a Lifetime movie about an eleven year old girl and her adult brother, who was mentally slow. I was just an observer.

Enter Sadistic Guy (SG). The girl and brother suddenly step from the flea market to SG's home in rural America. The little girl discovers that SG had abused the wife's invalid mother before they moved into their own home and is now beating the wife. It will only be a matter of time before he starts abusing the kids. The girl tries to get the wife to run away, but she refuses to help. In trying to save herself, she finds that the garage is the only way out. A montage of escape scenes ensue where the girl keeps trying to run away. As the door goes up we see him slowly revealed starting with his shoes. The girl is crouched on the floor waiting to run as soon as the door is high enough for her to pass under. Unfortunately she is looking back towards the house and never sees him standing there. He grabs her and takes her back into the house, always with a horribly evil leer on his face. She always had on different shoes, from flip flops to giant black rain rubbers.

She manages to get out to the front yard and talk to two guys in different sports cars and tries to get them to call 911. They tell her they can't because their New York cells will call the New York police instead of local police. I get so frustrated with their idiocy I become the girl in order to explain how 911 calls work. They tell me it is still no good because we are in the country and at this hour they would only reach an answering machine. Before I can tell them the situation, SG comes out of the house and kills both of them. I start running.

I pass the neighbor's home on the next hill because no one is home and find another house where I can see the older brother pacing in front of the window. Now that I am the little girl, I know that he is not really my brother. My parents had him come live with us because he had no where else to go. I start to go in, but another car stops and a man yells at me to not go in because the brother is the son of a murderer. His father left him the house when he died that is why he is now living there.

I try to get The Man (TM) to call 911 and he repeats the answering machine story. I tell him to call anyway so someone will come looking for us. He says he doesn't know the address of where we are, so he doesn't think it will help but calls. In the middle of leaving a message, he gets another call indicated by a flashing red light on the phone. I know that it is SG and yell at TM not to take the call. He won't listen because I am a little kid and switches over to the other line and starts shouting, "Who is this?" When he won't listen to me yelling at him to hang up, I turn and run.

When TM sees me run, he finally hangs up to come after me. I tell him that SG is coming; the 911 number must automatically call SG and that is how he got TM's number. He only called back to track the call and find us. I tell him that SG will now try to kill him and we have to get away. Before we can get into the car, we hear him driving around the corner. TM yells at me to run and hide while he deals with SG. I start running up these cliff like boulders that are all reddish brown like the southwest dessert mountains. I keep jumping from one to another trying to hide. Each one I jump to is higher and higher off of the ground.

SG drives around the corner, and looks up to see me. In my dream I get pissed because I refuse to get caught, so the scene rewinds and the boulder changes shape. I look for a place to hide. SG drives around the corner looks up and sees me. The dream rewinds five or six times before I am finally on a cliff that is really high up and has a crevice that I can slip into but can't be seen from down below. SG drives around the corner, looks up but can't see me this time and the dream continues. He starts badgering TM asking him where I am. The whole time they are circling TM's car. TM says he knows me and then says, "That B- stole my wallet when I pulled over to see if she needed a ride. That is why I called 911." He sticks to this story until the SG thinks it might be true. Then he pulls a freakin chainsaw out of his trunk and starts chasing TM with it. I am watching this and feel horrible because I am in the only place to hide, but TM won't lead him up to where I am so he has no where to run. He manages to lock himself in a wooden shed on stilts that is maybe 6 x 6.

I realize that SG will just light it on fire and in that moment, I jump into TM's body inside the shed. Through the cracks in the walls, I can see SG dousing the shed with gasoline. In my head I think that he will not hang around after the shed is on fire so if I can wait it out, I can get the little girl down from the cliff to help me. Apparently I realize that I can control both of these characters. Since I am inside his head I can see what a good person he is. I am impressed that even as the guy faces a gruesome death through fire, he doesn't say where the girl is to try and save himself.

All of a sudden the chainsaw comes through the side of the building. I leap out of the way and it disappears, only to cut through the building in a different location. I realize that he is just messing with me and is going to keep randomly thrusting the blade through the walls until he hits me. He is going in a clockwise pattern around the building, but soon he will cut in a different place trying to surprise me. When I realize that he can cut through the floor and ceiling, and that there might not be an escape, I try to reimagine the shelter to rewind the dream like I did with the rock. All of a sudden the blade comes through the wall behind me and cuts into the right side of my back. I wake up to a muscle spasm in the same place. Not a hurty one, just the muscles vibrating in reaction to the dream. It still feels a little weird.

Don't expect me to blog all my dreams I don't want them to reveal any secrets facts about me. You know, like I am actually a psychotic. Or that I am now taking prescription speed. Wait, I talked about that yesterday.

Who am I kidding, I have no secrets.

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  1. I hope you now see the humor of your dream, because I laughed through most of it. You can tell you are a great writer because your dreams retold even read like a book. The whole character jumping is what makes for a weird story line, but still a great read and very entertaining. Thank you, I really enjoyed that one!