Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Down With NPP?

Well, time to admit defeat. I believe I have once again relapsed. My throat hurts and the unmanageable fatigue is back. I now have to clarify between fatigues as one I can work with and the other I can't. So, I am back on my own couch trying not to be totally discouraged. I really need to get back to work soon. My boss has discovered Facebook. It's not bad that he has a page, but he has created a page for the company. Well, 2 pages actually. One page has our logo for a profile picture, the other one doesn't. The no photo page is a fan of the photo page. Obviously it isn't really a fan, but jealous of the other page for having a photo. It's so wrong it is awesome!

I would like to add that he is probably just testing the whole system out. He is not unable to use Facebook correctly. But, this blog is all about how I see the world around me. Most of my life is spent making up back stories or alternate story lines for every situation I come across. This is just a verbal manifestation of that whole process. Well not the whole process. I left out the rant No Photo Page (NPP) had about Photo Page (PP). You know, how PP thinks it is so much better than everyone else because it has a logo. And how PP is such an attention whore that it sends out invites and forces everyone to become a fan of its page just so that it appears to be cooler than it really is. And how it isn't fair that NPP should feel obligated to become a fan because it doesn't really care. Now, NPP, who doesn't really care, is going to be shown up by PP because NPP doesn't have time to deal with keeping up a Facebook page. NPP has real work to do and can't waste energy finding an appropriate profile logo to add to its page. But, doesn't see a way out of becoming a fan because professional courtesy demands that NPP play along even though the whole situation is ludicrous and it has better things to do.

Now, you have the whole process.

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  1. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. I once saw a bumper sticker that said, "what if the hokey pokey was what it was all about?" This sounds hokey pokey to me.