Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nothing To Say

I don't really have anything today. But, I am at the coffee shop at a table again so I feel obligated. Not really, but it sounds good. I am sitting here searching for something to write about, but nothing is coming to mind. But, the last time that happened I wrote Curses!, which turned out to be a huge crowd pleaser. I don't know if I can do that again, but I can try. The best part is that if I actually do come up with a subject, you probably won't even see this paragraph because I will delete it. My posts are way too long as it is.

I did finally install a stat counter so I can tell how many people are reading my blog. It only matters because I am more inclined to write regularly. If I don't think anyone is reading, I just figure it doesn't really matter. Yeah, I know I am doing this for myself to practice writing but come one, who are we fooling? I have always loved an audience. Besides, this relieves a tremendous amount of pressure from my mom who felt sorry for me not getting any comments. This is when the fun begins peeps. My mom and I are weird together. She can't help but reveal herself in time but this will lull her into lowering her guard. Now, she won't have to force her comments, and will only write when she has something to say. Or more likely, when she has something to make fun of me for. I have been saving these links for a while. I didn't know how I was going to use them, but it seems like the time is ripe and you'll get a better idea. If you don't watch House, you won't get this. and This is totally something we would do. and She would totally say this.

Well, I still can't think of anything else, except a letter she wrote to me once. But, I can't do it justice unless I print it verbatim. When I find it...

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