Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flamingos and Gnomes and Bugs, Oh My

I haven't posted in a few days and I would like to take this opportunity to BLAME MY MOM! We have both gotten into the PC video games. When I was first sick I was obsessed with Plants Vs. Zombies. It is where my profile picture originates. I stopped playing games about the same time I started writing this blog. I was bored with them and needed new fun.

This last weekend my mom asked me if I had played a game she had recommended to me called Garden Defense. She had brought it up multiple times as something she thought I would really like. When I lost my internet one day, I finally decided to play the free trial I had downloaded. It is awesome! I have spent the last three days playing that game almost nonstop. When I was on the phone with my mom, I let her know that I loved it and she immediately started asking me questions. It turns out that she wanted me to play it because she needed help leveling up. Sneaky, mom, very sneaky. But, she has me hooked. Last night we were on the phone playing it together.

I have to take a break. It is all I have been doing and I dream about ants being destroyed by rocket launchers. Plus, playing video games may actually make my mono worse. Playing a game like that requires massive brainwork, quick thinking and problem solving. I have been playing that game for 10 hours a day. Add in the fact that I have been staying up later than I normally do because I can't shut it off and you have me getting sicker by the day.

I didn't piece it together until this morning. My sore throat is getting worse, I am way more fatigued than I have been and this morning I have body aches. In the shower, I started trying to figure out what I have been doing differently because it isn't like I have even left the house or gone out as I try to do. It's the game! To make it worse, I tried to find a link to a website for Garden Defense and instead I found a video that shows a glitch in the system that would allow me to have unlimited money to buy gadgets and plants.

You know I have quit a lot of things. It almost makes me sad that even as I type this I am fighting the urge to just play for a couple of minutes. Just to test the theory. Somebody get me out of this house. I think I am slowly going mad.

Mom, I am sorry but you are own your own. Keep up the good fight! And call me so you can test that glitch for me!

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  1. Pull-eeeze! I had given up on this game, and YOU pulled me back in. Sometimes being unable to beat a game is good for me. I am putting my lap-top back up in the cupboard. Spring is finally here and I want to be back outside.