Sunday, April 25, 2010

How Insanity Is Keeping Me Sane, a Public Service Announcement

I love Allie. Who is Allie? She is the author of a riotous blog called Hyperbole and a Half. Her posts are twice as long as mine which makes me feel better about writing out my stories in full instead of trying to edit them down to keep people's interests. I have been reading her entire blog from start to finish and it has kept me entertained for days. At this point, I am only a third of the way through, so I have plenty of distraction for my fifth month of mono ahead. I am sharing the following with you because it it awesome for two reasons:

1. She actually writes an ironic statement that uses irony correctly. For those of you who may have forgotten, I hate the word ironic. I can now stop hating that word out of ignorant fear because of her. Anytime I start to have a panic attack or feel that my head is going to explode when I try to think about the word ironic, I will simply go back to her post that I have bookmarked and be able to face the world again with confidence.

2. She writes out what it is like to have ADHD and I swear I almost peed myself reading it. It is really long, but so true I couldn't stand it. If you want to know what it is like to be in my head, read this and make two substitutions. a) exchange her being out of work for my mono. b) exchange her process of driving for my process of riding the bus. It doesn't sound like a fair trade, but considering the bus stops 1/4 of a block from my house and 1 block from the bank, you can see how simple it should be to walk out the door at the right time and complete a simple errand.

In all seriousness if you have ever wondered why the crap your loved one with ADD cannot handle a simple task, read this. I swear she is not exaggerating.

I am NOT a Drug Addict So Stop Thinking That if You Were and Don't Start Thinking it if You Weren't Already, Okay? Also, This Post Kind of Starts Out Lame and Then Picks Up Steam, so Keep Reading

You're welcome.

PS I don't get offended by this stuff, but in case you do, she uses the F-word once and the S-word once. I counted. Just for you. Another you're welcome.

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  1. The F-word!! That is the queen mother of all of the dirty words. The F _ _ _ ! Horrible just horrible.