Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Can Tell When I Am Close To The Edge

People seriously annoy me. Generally speaking, I am too self-involved to really notice those around me. It's true. Most of it revolves around the ADD. I daydream to block out all the extraneous information coming my way. If they do manage to pierce through my mental fog, I normally find it amusing and makes me laugh. It does not anger me and make me want to crack skulls. I have been in a bad mood all day. Well, not all day. It started out well enough, then my internet went out and I noticed I was pounding on my keyboard as if that would correct the issue. I feel a temper tantrum brewing. I should probably just go ahead and let it boil over since I will feel better when I am finished even if I feel silly. I am mad at the world and I am going to start taking it out on complete strangers if I don't watch it.

I am at the coffee shop. I thought it would help me to get out of the house because I have a horrid case of cabin fever. It didn't work. There is a guy sitting next to me who has created a mini office, while working on his laptop which is fine. But, he is listening to his headphones and conducting music while he skims the pages. It started with a harmless head bobbing, but then I swear he closed his eyes and punctuated whatever beat he is hearing with his hand and I wanted to slap it. Now he is moving around, sighing heavily as if deep in a intellectual conundrum. Of course, I have to look over at what he is working on. I am so glad I did, because I was just in time to see him typing in 30 font, using Lucida Handwriting to create some sort of sub header at the end of his document that says "Happiness is found within." HOLY CRAP, he just answered the phone and told his friend that he was almost done with the business proposal. What the hell kind of business is this?

Of course, he just has to leave right as I am typing this and make polite small talk so that I can now relate to him as a human being and feel badly about all I just wrote about him. And he even has the nerve to be incredibly good looking! What is this world coming too?

I have to get better soon. I promise, I am trying really hard to be happy, but this is just starting to be too much.

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