Friday, April 16, 2010

Strike Two and Apology

Sorry folks, but I don't think I will get to the second part of the story today. I have a couple of high energy hours when I get up before I start to get fatigued again and lose my mojo. Today I decided to use it and go to the grocery store. I have had people bringing me supplies, but I really wanted to get out. It is hilarious that the thing that brings me the most satisfaction and happiness these days is grocery shopping. I feel normal. It boosts my self esteem and lagging spirits to be able to take care of my needs. Plus the people who go grocery shopping in the morning are usually nicer. They aren't in a hurry and it feels like you are all there hanging out. I get plenty of chances for interaction and small talk. And I get to pick out my own produce. I am super picky and even though I appreciate people bringing it to me, it is never the same.

I will tell a little story for your entertainment. I don't remember the exact words in the exchange, so they aren't direct quotes, but I think you'll get the point. A friend who teaches grade school told me she was teaching kids in the second or third grade and the students were asked to write a story about their weekend. A young boy needing help came up to her desk and asked, "Teacher, how do you spell penis?" Immediately she was startled and fearful of what she was going to learn. She asked him why he needed to know and he informed her that his uncle had come to visit and said, "I have the happy part, I just need the penis part." Her heart fell into her stomach. Not wanting to startle the boy by asking too many questions when he seemed willing to talk, she asked him to tell her the whole sentence. So, he read to her, "My uncle came to visit we all had a lot of happiness this weekend. See, I have the happy, now I just need the penis."

Relieved, she wrote "happiness" on a piece of paper. Not wanting to explain what was funny, she walked out of the classroom before exploding with laughter.

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